Sunday, March 18, 2012

Beef: My everyday life and yours too!

  Beef rules my life everyday! This weekend is a great example of that! It all started Saturday morning. My family and I went to sell Hamburgers at our local farmstand known as King Farms. At King Farms the cattle you see there are my family's and the beef sold at King farms are from our cattle. Anyway, as my family and I sold hamburgers, my cousin Kelly as well as myself, were able to promote the Beef Industry. We had several people come up to us and say that they can't eat very much meat, or they hear red meat is bad for you, or they say they are veggitarians. When they say this, they usually don't have any facts behind their theroy. And we try to tell them the true, research proven facts about the Beef industry and why lean beef is the way to go.

  Sunday was another part of how Beef rules my life. Today the Manatee County Jr. Cattlemen's met up to start practicing for our big Quiz Bowl and Team Marketing compitions in June.

  But now, I don't want you to start to think that Beef only rules my life on the weekends. Beef is an everyday lifestyle for me. I show cattle all around the State of Florida. So every morning and night, I feed all of my wonderful animals in the barn. This year I have 3 show cattle. My heifer Spice, my steer Romeo, and the family's new bull Joker. Not only do they get fed and watered twice a day, but they are washed, brushed, blown out, and walked every afternoon when I get done with school.

  As you can see, beef rules my life everyday in some way, shape, or form. And it is the same way with every person in the world. You may not know it but it is true. Women it is in your makeups and shampoos. Men it is in your car oils and tires. Beef is in everything.

  I will posting more on Beef and my Journey through the Beef world real soon. But for now, God bless you all.

Beef Girl 30